Art Exhibit

The members of the Institute believe that a strong understanding of history and a broad experience in the arts are critical components of a quality education.  The 2017 Adelaide Sanford Institute Art Exhibit inspired by Romare Bearden is a manifestation of our belief system focusing on the direct services to students. Schools in central Brooklyn were invited to participate in this initiative. Teachers met to receive books, learn about the project, and the work of Romare Bearden. Students were guided by their teachers to create the works we exhibited. 


We thank the teachers; Anthony DiFolco, PS 184, Cathy DePasquale, PS 250, Joan Esposito, PS 392, Denise Martinez, Brooklyn Academy High School, Laura Pawson Juan Morel Campos Secondary School, Sandora Ruiz from PS 9. Cindi Van Petten of PS 5, and Gwynn White-Best P.S. 5.