Adelaide L. Sanford Institute


Legislative Forums

On June 8, 2013 at Antioch Baptist Church in Brooklyn, ASI sponsored its second legislative forum with local elected officials, community residents, and the mayoral candidates. The purpose of the event was to present to the attendees the white paper that the Central Brooklyn Council of Stakeholders had prepared in response to the dismal educational outcomes associated with the schools in Central Brooklyn.

Then-candidate Bill DeBlasio speaking at the Second Legislative Forum.

The focus was on improving access to opportunity for our youth and families who attend the schools in Central Brooklyn.  Specifically, the document contained four explicit priorities with a series of recommendations for the candidates to consider as they formulate their educational platform.  One parent and an educator or head of a CBO presented each priority and subsequent recommendations.  Five of the nine mayoral candidates attended along with several Central Brooklyn elected officials.  The mayoral candidates responded most favorably to the briefing and agreed in many instances to the recommendations that were promulgated by the council.

Priority 1: Assemble the highest levels of city government and relevant community stakeholders to plan and implement cross agency improvements to support youth development; establish prevention strategies for all children & youth; and target intervention approaches for chronic and severe challenges.

Priority 2: Align the use of public spaces, facilities and resources with the assets, needs and aspirations of the community to ensure extended opportunities for youth success.

Priority 3: Provide resources and other supports to ensure that local communities have the following assets: Great schools; Great teachers; Great programs; and Great tools.

Priority 4: Ensure New York City policies reflect an attitude of respect for diversity in all city agencies.