Adelaide L. Sanford Institute



The Parent Leadership Institute and The Center for Educational Equity 2017-2018 Program Year

All sessions are held at Boys and Girls High School Campus, 1700 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11213 at 8:30 a.m. until 12 noon.


September 9, 2017

Presentation: Cheryl Wills, NY1 News Anchor, Author

DIE FREE: We began the new school year with a visit by Cheryl Wills who gave an empowering talk about her book that depicts her family history. It was well-received by the parents; they received a free copy of her book.

Review of the 2017 New York State English Language Arts tests

Elementary: Juanita Johnson, Teacher, CS21K

Middle: Michaella Dauphin, ELA Lead Teacher, Mott Hall Bridges Academy

High: Terry Ann Moore, Content Area Specialist - English, NYC DOE

Parents received copies of the tests posted on Workshop presenters reviewed the questions and answers. Parents were encouraged to go over the test booklets at home with their children. Rubrics for the writing portions of the test and samples of excellent answers were also explained and distributed for at home use. Parents are always given the test from their child’s previous grade and current grade. In this way, the parents see the tests that their child took in May 2017 and also the test that was given for the grade the child is currently in.

October 14, 2017

BLACK EXCELLENCE QUIZ : Parents were given a written quiz on Black Inventors, civil rights figures, and important events. Two parents, who created the quiz using an informational packet that was given to parents at the September meeting, marked the tests. A prize was given to the parent who received the top score.

Review of the 2017 New York State Math tests

Elementary: Juanita Johnson, Teacher CS21K

Middle: Jessica Urraca, Math Specialist and Consultant

High: Isha Moseley, Teacher, Bedford Academy High School

The parents received copies of the tests posted on The workshop presenters reviewed the test questions, giving strategies to parents that will help their children solve problems. Parents were given samples of excellent answers for the problems that required students to show their work. Parents were encouraged to use the material at home with their children. Parents were given tests from the child’s previous grade and current grade.

Presentation: Nathaniel Haynesworth, CEO, Esoteric Academic Solutions (EAS)

How to Boost Your High School GPA

Parents were given tips on how to ensure their children take advantage of all the possible ways to increase their GPA (for example, retake classes for better grades).

November 11, 2017


Parents used Black History cards to ask contestants questions about Black History. A middle school student won the game and received a prize.

Presentation: Dr. Shango Blake, CEO, TRU SK Consultants, LLC


Dr. Blake gave a rousing talk about the NYC education system that continues to fail our children. After his address, he divided the parents into grade appropriate groupings: elementary, middle, and high; the groups posted on flip charts the attributes they wanted their children’s schools to possess. Well-received by the parents, Dr. Blake promised to return to continue the conversation and develop a blueprint for action/implementation.

Presentation: Dr. Ronah Harris, Founder, CEO, Play Pattern, LLC         


Dr. Ronah Harris conducted an interactive session with parents on STEM. The parents worked together in groups to create lights with materials that Dr. Harris provided.

She will return in May, 2018 to further engage parents in activities that will enhance their understanding of STEM.

December 9, 2017

Presentation: Nyanka Joseph, A Better Chance, Inc.  Assistant Manager, Admissions and Placement, Northeast Region


Nyanka Joseph detailed the opportunities that are available to parents if they want their children to attend elite private schools. A Better Chance provides low income parents with access to a private school education. Ms. Joseph discussed the advantages of a high quality education and outlined the steps in the process of gaining admission.


Elementary:  Catherine Beasley, Science Specialist, Roosevelt, NY School District

Middle: Ama Ashun, Science Teacher, Mott Hall Bridges Middle School

High: Ashley Brown, Science Teacher, Research and Service High School

The workshop presenters conducted interactive workshops with the parents; they were given information on what their children should be learning in Science.

Presentation: Lynn Rutledge, Outreach and Marketing Coordinator, IMPACCT Brooklyn

Social Services

Lynn Rutledge gave the parents information on resources for housing, medical, and other social service issues that are available at IMPACCT in Brooklyn, New York. She provided  contacts and links to departments that would help them improve their quality of life. She suggested that they consider the Bronx as an option for housing since rental costs are the cheapest in that borough.

Presentation: Dr. Lester Young, ASI Board Chair, Regent, NYS Board of Regents

Next Generation Learning Standards 

Dr. Young gave a detailed account of the changes that will occur in the state’s learning standards in the next two years. Parents received a packet on the address. Parents asked questions about their schools’ preparedness for the changes. Districts must be held accountable for training school staff.  Parents said they will begin to ask questions at their individual schools about what is being done to get ready. ASI will sponsor a series of informational sessions for parents

January 13, 2018

  • Getting Ready for the New York State Assessments ELA

  • Financial Literacy

  • Who Am I? An A - Z Career Guide for Teens, Tai Abrams

  • Supporting Mental Health

February 10, 2018

  • Getting Ready for the New York State Math Assessments

  • How to Get Into the Specialized High Schools: Tai Abrams, AdmissionsSquad, Inc.

  • Video: POWER – The Fight for Community Control in Ocean Hill Brownsville

  • Essential Resources (KYER) : New and Improved: Joe Rogers, Jr. , CEE

March 10, 2018

  • Social Studies Workshops: Elementary, Middle, and High School

  • Learning in a Burning House: Dr. Sonya Douglas Horsford, Columbia University

  • Black Child Development Institute: Rhonda Carloss Smith, NYC Affiliate President

April 14, 2018

  • Developing Writing Skills Workshops: Elementary and Secondary

  • Overview of the Brooklyn Adult Learning Center: TY’East Alleyne Bobb

  • Discipline vs. Punishment: Dr. Angela Moses

April 28, 2018

Fourth Annual Joy of Parenting Conference    


May 12, 2018

  • How We Must Control Our Children’s Education, Part II: Dr. Shango Blake

  • STEM Education, Part II: Dr. Ronah Harris

  • Housing Stability: Lynn Rutledge, IMPACCT Brooklyn

June 9, 2018

  • From a Teacher to a Parent: Andrene Bonner, Medgar Evers Preparatory School

  • Culturally Responsive Teaching thru the Arts: Wema Harris,  Bklyn Arts Council

  • College Counseling 101: Dr. Tyrone Black, T. Carlton Educational Consulting,  LLC